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Steve Jobs Tribute MacBook

Uncover is auctioning off 3 custom Retina MacBook Pros. It has Jonathan Mak’s famous logo and a quote by Jobs on the bottom. Proceeds will be split between a charity and a fundraiser.

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BELIS : A Compendium of Indonesian Mythical Creatures

This is my bachelor thesis project that I’ve been working during my last semester of uni. The book about Indonesian mythical creatures, featuring 17 creatures from all over Indonesia, and classified based on 4 main astrology’s elements. The creation of this book is expected to increase people’s interest and knowledge towards mythology and culture in Indonesia through its mythical creatures.

check out the full version here!

751 Plays
Jerry Douglas
The Boxer (ft. Mumford & Sons and Paul Simon)

Jalouse Magazine: Une Fille Comme Les Autres from Matthew Frost on Vimeo.

“You know, je ne sais quoi”

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Client: “I don’t like the type.”

Me: “What don’t you like.”

Client: “I don’t like how it goes all to one side.”

Me: “You mean ranged left.”

Client: “Yes, yes, arranged left.”

Me: “How do you want it?”

Client: “To be the same on both sides.”

Me: “Justified?”

Client: “I don’t have to justify anything for you. I own the fucking company.”

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